Energy Healing in Galway City with Kristen le Clos

In order to heal deeply, permanently and consciously, we must bring our physical, emotional and mental bodies into a state of balance and harmony whilst clearing away underlying energy blockages that are preventing recovery. This is where Energy Healing can assist in restoring optimum health, happiness and wellbeing to your life.

As an Integrated Energy Healer, Kristen uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to clear, repair and balance the body’s energy systems and to assist in achieving a greater sense of spiritual reconnection and purpose in life. She believes in a holistic approach to wellbeing and though she supports the use of allopathic medicine, she feels that much of the time it only assists in treating the symptoms of illness, not the source. Energy Healing works from a causal level, and is therefore highly successful in treating recurring conditions that are resistant to other forms of medicine.

Benefits of Energy Healing

  • Alleviation of pain and physical illness
  • Stress and tension relief
  • Emotional trauma relief
  • Relief from anxiety and fears
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Relief from insomnia and poor sleeping patterns
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Clearing of negative patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Recovery from relationship breakups/loss
  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual development

Kristen is an accredited member of Reiki Federation Ireland, International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching. Her practice is situated on the 3rd floor, Amber Holistic Centre, 18 Mary Street, Galway City.

To book an appointment or for any queries, please text Kristen on 083 461 3810 or, or leave your details on the Contact page and she will be in touch with you shortly.

Reiki Energy Healing Session €60

€60 Gift Voucher

“Thoughts have energy; emotions have energy. They make you do and say things, and act in certain ways. They make you jump up and down or lie prone in bed. They determine what you eat and who you love. The energy behind what you think and feel does not just disappear if it is held back or repressed. When you cannot, or do not, express what is happening on an emotional or psychological level, that feeling becomes embodied (you take it deeper within yourself) until it manifests in the physical body as “dis-ease”, pain or illness.”

– Deb Shapiro