How Reiki helps Depression by Maria Hill

Understanding Depression I think depression is very misunderstood. So often it is treated as a defect or a personality problem. Studies have shown that long term depression comes from the way our brains develop in childhood. The implication is that adverse childhood conditions of abuse or serious neglect, living with problems that we cannot control and

The Sacred Word

AUM is regarded as the sound of God and the basis of all other sounds. This Sacred Word symbolises the vibration of the Supreme and Divine energy and is the basis of the universe and everything that exists. The Word is also past, present and future, a unifying force and the vastness of all creation

Treating Stress and Anxiety with Reiki

We’re all aware of the body’s reaction to a worrying situation – the racing heart, shallow breathing, tense muscles and pounding head, along with a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach. This reaction is completely natural, but when experienced on a regular basis it places a severe strain on all the body’s systems