I had been suffering from severe insomnia for a couple months as a result of job related stress. I also had recurring headaches brought on from muscle tension. After the first session I was deeply relaxed, I slept the whole night through and woke up feeling fantastic in the morning. After a couple of treatments my insomnia was gone and I felt relaxed and more able to cope with the changes happening in my life.

Sylvia, Galway

I came to see Kristen to see if she could help me with a debilitating memory loss that was affecting my job and home life. Kristen provided me with advice on stress management, lifestyle and dietary changes and provided me with a daily meditation to follow. After 3 treatments my memory and ability to focus were greatly improved and I have had no problems since.

George, Galway

I recently attended some sessions with Kristen and the experience during the treatment was so relaxing and beneficial. Afterwards, although I felt totally relaxed, I also felt energised and had a more positive attitude. Kristen is wonderful, she listens and encourages. I would highly recommend a visit.

Margaret, Galway

I had a number of Reiki treatments with Kristen. I didn’t really know a huge amount about Reiki (and I still don’t) but the treatments made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. I was surprised to ‘feel’ energy shifting in my body. The experience felt both pleasant and therapeutic. I have already recommended Kristen to friends and would highly recommend Kristen if you are considering having a Reiki treatment.

Robert, Galway

Kristen is a very connected spirit. Her healing sessions are very powerful and she is extremely gentle and professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Marsha, Galway