What to expect

A typical treatment session consists of the following procedure:

  • Discussion with client to gain a case history and to understand the reason for the session
  • Brief explanation of the treatment and what to expect
  • For the treatment the client will lie on a massage table with support for head and knees. The client remains fully clothed throughout the session but will be asked to remove their shoes
  • Feedback, review and discussion of the treatment

During the treatment stage, the client may sense the flow of energy with feelings of heat, tingling or mild pressure. The treatment is very relaxing and it is quite common for clients to drift off during a session. This is completely normal and allows for deep healing to occur at a subconscious level.

Some clients will feel an immediate improvement, while for others the energetic shift may take several days. Clients may also experience varying emotional states, memories of past events or changing physical symptoms. This is the body’s way of releasing what needs to be cleared and making us conscious of what is no longer benefiting us and needs to be let go of.

How many treatments will I need?

The answer to this depends on the nature of the problem and what it is you wish to achieve. Sometimes one treatment is enough, but in chronic cases several treatments may be necessary to achieve results.

How long does the treatment take and what is the cost?

Each session takes approximately an hour and the cost is €60.

Holistic Healing

Although the energy healing is the core of every session, it is also my aim not just to make you feel better, but to keep you feeling better and to provide you with the tools to maintain your health. To this end, I also offer meditation training and spiritual guidance to help you should you feel drawn to know more about how these practices can help you to bring added meaning and direction into your life.


When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally comes from within. This feeling of contentment and wellbeing helps us to cope with the busyness and difficulties of daily life. So much of the stress and tension we normally experience comes from our mind, and many of the problems we experience, including ill health, are caused or aggravated by this stress. Just by doing a simple breathing meditation for ten or fifteen minutes each day, we will be able to reduce this stress. Difficult situations will become easier to deal with, we will feel warmer and well disposed towards other people, and our relationships with others will gradually improve.

Spiritual Guidance

Do you have complex questions about the Soul, death and the after-life that no one seems to be able to answer to your satisfaction? Do you feel like your life has become superficial, meaningless or simply unfulfilled? Whether through illness, crisis, heartbreak or just a general dissatisfaction with life, many people come to a point in their lives where they feel like they are merely existing instead of really living. In fact, this is the start of a beautiful journey, a journey of self discovery to bring real meaning to our life and others, to learn to see the causes behind the outer effects of our lives, and to find out what our purpose here on earth really is.